Get your Shutterstock Coupon Code to Enjoy High Quality Royalty-free Images

Shutterstock_ logoDo you require high quality royalty-free images in a regular basis? Do you need a one-time download for a project? Whatever your creative needs are, you will surely find Shutterstock as a sufficient creative file source. The website has over 60 million images, videos, vectors and music clips in its library, providing you with a wide range of options. Once you find the files you need for your project, you can download them instantly.

Shutterstock’s royalty-free images are available in simple and straightforward pricing. You can browse through the website’s entire collection easily with its user-friendly interface. It also features lightboxes, which let you organize your selections efficiently. The images are available in two kinds of licenses: Standard and Enhanced. Both licenses are available in monthly or annually pricing and plans.

Team Subscriptions versus Shutterstock Premier

Do you work in groups? Are you running a business with up to 10 persons? Good news! Shutterstock also offers subscription plans for small teams and enterprises. Team subscription is perfect for a group of ten users. It allows you to access and share one subscription simultaneously. With 1,050 images per month, you can download up to 35 images per day. You will surely have enough images for your creative projects.

Shutterstock Premier, on the other hand, is tailored to the needs of your business. It allows unlimited users to access its library of images, footage and offset. It is your business’ one-stop-shop for high-quality creative files. It allows you to unite your company for creativity to flourish. With simple pricing, broad usage and clear permissions, it includes everything your company needs to spark inspiration.

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Are you still not sure if Shutterstock is the image source for you? Let us help you decide! Aside from the amazing royalty-free images available for download at affordable prices, Shutterstock also offers its members free content every week. All you have to do is sign up to the website and agree to the website’s terms, privacy policy and licensing terms. You get to enjoy one free image and one free vector every week.

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